Bitsbay.IT - Terms & Conditions, privacy.

--- These are here to protect you the consumer and me the retailer ,any questions or problems with your order please write to us: Bitsbay.IT, Claudio Sartori, Via Arnaldo Ulivelli 10, 00177 Rome (RM), Italy. SRTCLD85M26H501B
---1 � Information The following terms and conditions apply to you(the customer) and Bitsbay.IT(Claudio Sartori trading as Bitsbay.IT) when a transaction has occurred between the two parties; this includes, but is not limited to, the following: Purchases from, Transactions between you and Bitsbay.IT where these terms and conditions have been agreed to by both parties. You have the right to return any products that you have purchased from us within 7 days of payment for any reason but you agree to cover all costs involved in sending back the products to us. In such a case, you will be refunded the full amount, less any costs incurred by us for processing your original transaction and costs incurred by issuing the refund to you.
---2 � Payment and Delivery Payment to Bitsbay.IT will be carried out using the methods listed on our website. Currently, this includes: PayPal and Anticipated Wire Transfer. Delivery will be made using the services of Poste Italiane. Every shipment will be made within 48 hours from payment date. We'll Ship every (not holiday) day except on saturday and sunday.
---3 � Disputes
---3a � Lost Post In the unlikely event that your parcel is lost in the mail you have the right to a full refund as long as the following conditions have been met: You have waited at least 28 days from the date of dispatch and you paid for registered mail. You have not, through negligence or with intent to deceive, done anything that would make delivery of your order more difficult. Such things include, but are not limited to: Giving incorrect delivery addresses or contact details.
---3b � Wrong Items Delivered or Delivered in Bad Condition If we have sent the wrong items to you please contact us using our contact email address and notify us of the problem. We will then send you the correct parts via Posta Prioritaria or adding the import as credit on bitsbay.IT, should you prefer that option. You are not required to return the incorrect items but we will compensate you for the packaging materials and postage cost should you wish to do so. If the items have been delivered to you in an unsatisfactory condition you may return them to us and we will also compensate you for the postage cost and packaging material, as well as refunding you or replacing the parts.
---4 � Use Of Bitsbay.IT Intellectual Property Our intellectual property covers Images from our website and text from our website or correspondence between us and the customer. You are permitted to use our images and text, unmodified, for any not for profit purpose such as posting on forums and Warhammer related fan websites. You are not permitted to use images and text from us if you are using them to gain profit from a business in a similar field to ours, such as a competing bits company. If we find that you have used our intellectual property in an unfit manner we will contact you regarding the problem and ask that the offending IP be removed from public view. If you do not comply with our request further action will be taken to remove the IP.