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104-page softback book containing all the background and rules needed to immerse yourself in the bleak industrial hellscape of Necromunda.

It contains an introduction to the Imperium of Man, the role of the Hive worlds within that Imperium and descriptions of a typical Hive structure, along with in-depth explanations of the history of Necromunda, its main cities and the shady characters who populate them.

Detailed descriptions of the battles that occur daily in the Underhives, and the bounty that these battles are fought over, provide the inspiration for your games. 

Also contained in the book are all the rules you need to play, from the basic mechanics of line-of-sight, movement and combat to advanced rules such as moving a group of models together as a team, interfering with close combat, injuries, tactics cards and even running away! The basic rules include their own scenario, designed to ease newcomers into the game – this uses its own special game tile, which is printed on the inside of the box. 

There is a complete Underhive Armoury – this is a list of the weapons you’ll find included with the miniatures in the box, with complete rules for using each in games. Included are ranged weapons, close combat weapons, wargear and grenades. There is a guide to creating your own House Escher or House Goliath gang – this contains a full breakdown of the types of gangers available, and the weapons, wargear and armour each can use. There are even suggestions for names – the denizens of the Underhives need to be titled appropriately… 

6 scenarios are included in the book, each of which shows you how to configure the game tiles, how to set up the combatants, the special rules that the scenario requires and the victory conditions. 

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